Aircraft Insurance

Aircraft & Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. can provide you with a wide variety of coverage options to help you meet your aviation insurance needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Pleasure aircraft
  • Business aircraft
  • Industrial Aid
  • Hangar
  • Airport premises
  • Fixed base operators (FBO)
  • Flight schools
  • Non-owned
  • Flying clubs
  • Aerial applicators
  • Products liability
  • Workers’ compensation

If you have questions about your current insurance coverage, contact Aircraft & Marine Insurance Agency. Our team combines extensive knowledge of aircraft insurance with a passion for aviation – in fact, all of our agents are licensed pilots.

As pilots first, we know the sensation and it’s undeniably cool. We are referring to how acceleration, thrust, rotation speed, and the sound of the jet noise during the climb-out as you pitch for the best climb airspeed, are simply exhilarating. And of course, that’s only the beginning. When you reach cruising altitude at FL280, it’s epic and pure bliss – nothing can stand in your way or can it?

You know you are not invincible but sitting in the cockpit of a Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft or any other amazing personal jet, it’s easy to forget. Yet whether it’s a vibration you can’t pinpoint, a loud noise of something hitting the fuselage, or a distinct odor – there is always a possibility that something unexpected may happen. We don’t want worry or any surprises to take the joy out of your extraordinary journey.

We understand the unexpected and we can help you rise above the turbulence – guiding you toward insurance coverage that accounts for all the options that make sense for you and your aircraft. We’ll discuss your flying experience, your specific aircraft and what coverage is most appropriate. We can walk you through the 101 of aviation insurance from liability limits/claims, hull coverage and how to value your aircraft, coverage considerations in the event of an injury, to how deductibles work. From private, corporate, non-owners, to Fixed Based Operators and more – we cover it all.

We’ll provide you with the best quality protection for the price through our niche relationships with the industry’s top carriers. We prioritize not only coverage for that awesome jet, but what’s most important in the air and water – YOU. This gives you the much-needed opportunity to focus on what you do best in those critical moments  – fly high – and feel like the undeniably cool person that you are. Fill out our quick quote form and let’s get started.