What Sets Us Apart

Air and water provide you with an unparalleled ability to explore the world’s greatness by boat or aircraft, which are not only hobbies but key aspects of who you are and/or the way you do business. Protecting these large investments that give you the unprecedented opportunity to break out of the daily grind and achieve your personal aspirations or innovative business goals, are not simple everyday items that you’d trust with any random insurance broker.

  • Boating Enthusiasts and Pilots First with 40 Years Experience: Because we are boating enthusiasts and pilots first with 40 years of experience in the aviation and marine insurance industry, we get it and feel the same. We draw from personal experience and knowledge from being on the water or in the air, giving you a holistic, honest perspective of your potential risks.
  • Complex Needs or Quick Quote; We Listen: We enjoy getting to know and understand your level of exposure and how we can cater our services to your unique situation. This means we take the time to listen, learn and understand what your priorities are and how we can help. Whether you want a quick quote or your needs are more complex, we will meet you where you are at and provide you with a coverage recommendation that best fits how to keep your important assets safe. Our contracts understand your way of life and the risks you may face – a life that we equally value and share.
  • Niche Relationships with Specialty Carriers: Yet experience and service are not the only things to consider when seeking aviation and marine insurance. Through many years of cultivating and honing relationships with the key niche, specialty carriers that comprise this industry, we can provide you with comprehensive contracts that more astutely speak to your specific needs. These are not generic contracts that you will find through your home or auto agent – they’re customized and tailored to fit your lifestyle, your aircraft and/or boat.