Personal Non-owned Aircraft Liability

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Personal Non-owned Aircraft Liability Protection for You and Your Family When You Borrow or Rent an Aircraft!

  • Now includes experimental aircraft!
  • Also, now available multi-engine & helicopter non-owner coverage.

Coverage You Need When You Rent or Borrow an Aircraft

When you rent or borrow an aircraft you may not be protected by the owner’s aircraft insurance policy (including your local FBO). If there is an accident you may be held legally liable for damages to the aircraft, or even worse, injuries to others out of your own pocket.

Protection For Your Family’s Financial Loss Due to an Aircraft Accident

Your family shouldn’t have to suffer financially from an aircraft accident. When you are protected by Non-owned Aircraft Liability insurance, you will have the benefit of an aviation insurance company defense if there is a claim. They will also pay damages to others for their injuries and property damage up to the policy liability limits you have selected. You can also purchase coverage, as part of your total limit of liability, which protects your employer when you fly on business.

CFI Non-owned Aircraft Liability

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All of the above features plus protection while you are instructing in non-owned aircraft.

SAFE CFI Non-owned Aircraft Liability

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Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) and SAFE, created a new comprehensive insurance plan for flight instructors exclusive to SAFE members.

Insurance premiums are surprisingly affordable with special cumulative discounts up to 20% for qualified applicants!

Here are just a few of the features/benefits the plan provides:

  • Limits of liability available up to $1 million with $200,000 per passenger and up to $200,000 for non-owned physical damage.
  • Coverage is extended for “negligent instruction” for an occurrence during the policy including any dual flight instruction, flight review or any checkride you perform. “Negligent instruction” also applies to ground instruction given by you.
  • Includes coverage for instructing in standard aircraft and:
    • Experimentals
    • Restricted
    • LSA
    • Single Engine Seaplane
    • Multi-engine land
  • Medical Expense Coverage up to $10,000 available
  • Loss of use coverage
  • Underwritten through STARR Aviation (Chubb Insurance)
  • Premium Financing Available