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Anchors Aweigh: It’s About Investing in Family and Friends and Providing Top-Notch Customer Service

What I really enjoy about the business is that people only come to us for one reason,” said Paul Neumann, co-owner of Anchors Aweigh in Lakeland, Minnesota. “They’re looking for a way to invest time with their family and friends, which is great. It’s a great sport, because young and old can all do it together.”

It’s all about family and celebration! Every time people become owners of an Anchor’s Aweigh boat, they christen their new life chapter of fun and adventure by breaking a glass of champagne. Welcome to the family!

Owners of Anchors Aweigh Boat Sales, Nancy and Paul Neumann, have their priorities straight in life and in business. It’s all about family, partnership, and helping others out. They’ve specialized in boat sales, repairs, storage and winterization services since 1974 and it’s always been a family affair since the beginning.

That’s why we enjoy working with them to cross-promote our services for over 20 years – we have the same values.

“It pays to have a second opinion when it comes to boat insurance, especially if you are using generalized insurance,” said Nancy Neumann. “It’s not just about getting the coverage – it’s the customer service and the follow-through and that’s what Aircraft and Marine emphasizes. Aircraft and Marine is always on time and always on top of a repair, which means paying out the premium. They provide excellent coverage.”

And Paul and Nancy know their way around boats and what makes for good marine insurance. Paul has been in the business since high school, starting out as a mechanic and working through the ranks, eventually becoming a general manager. After all this experience, Paul started to think about how he could venture out on his own.

That’s when Nancy came into the picture and it was the perfect partnership. They started their own business, combining their  history of experience working all of the jobs it takes to run a boat sales and repair company.

“So it only made sense. We’re a family business. We also employ our two daughters,” said Nancy. “We have other people in our group, but we’re a real tight knit crew. We’re like a big family.”

Anchors Aweigh is a full-service boat dealership, focusing on new boat sales, Cruisers Yachts, Porta-Docks, Phoenix trailers, used boat sales, and transportation too.

Anchors Aweigh takes a similar approach to us when it comes to emphasizing customer service and being available when customers need help.

“We’re all about customer service before, during and after the sale. A lot of people fall short on that after the sale,” said Nancy.

We truly value our partnership with Anchors Aweigh. We are both in business to invest in people – to help them continue to enjoy the past times they value most with friends and family with the right boat, insurance and customer service that gives them not only peace of mind, but the understanding that someone always has their back.  We are your partners and we are available when you need us – no questions asked.

Nancy and Paul have a good sense of humor and they are great at helping you realize why life is really pretty dry without a boat, which is their tag line. You really don’t know what you are missing if you are not on the water, especially with their caring customer service to help you stay afloat.

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